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Welcome to the activities we offer you from the Aran Hostel: where you can find tranquility and adventure.

At Aran Hostel we not only provide a place to stay, but an opportunity to connect with the lush nature that surrounds us and where we are located, and also connect with yourself.

Ioga, Aran Hostel

Yoga and Wellness Experiences

At Aran Hostel, you can enjoy yoga sessions led by experienced instructors. You will awaken your body and mind with postures and mindful breathing practices, providing an opportunity to revitalize your energies and focus on the present moment. Plus, explore other aspects of wellness with guided meditation sessions and special workshops designed to foster your emotional and physical balance.

Lloguer de raquetes de neu

Snowshoe rental

We offer the snowshoe rental service so you can enjoy the adventure easily and without complications. With our service, you can explore the routes to enjoy spectacular winter landscapes without having to worry about the equipment.

Esquí, Aran Hostel


Discover the thrills of skiing in Baqueira Beret with the Aran Hostel. With the equipment rental service, introductory or advanced classes, accompaniment to the slopes, etc. enjoy the adventure without worrying about anything. We provide you with everything you need for a perfect day on the slopes.

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